Audatex: Information galore at workshop’s fingertips

Audatex: Information galore at workshop’s fingertips

How often do you find yourself in a head-scratching dilemma of just not knowing how to identify a mechanical fault, let alone the repair time needed to fix it and its costs? You’re not alone – this is an all-too-familiar occurrence for bodyshops.

And that’s why Audatex, the global repair data solutions provider, launched AudaGarage, offering bodyshops quick and easy access to accurate technical mechanical data for more than 30 million vehicles.

East Bilney Coachworks in Norfolk is an early adopter of AudaGarage. As a family-run business, it prides itself on excellent customer service. Customers get progress reports throughout the whole repair process and the team go the extra mile to ensure repairs are completed on time.

However, the reality of providing an accurate quote and estimate of how long the job will take was a challenge that bodyshops like East Bilney Coachworks face every day.

It’s easy for repairers to underestimate a job, which can delay completion and even impact on costs. This in turn can have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

The launch of AudaGarage not only eradicated these issues but also streamlined all aspects of the repair cycle, enhancing the customer experience.

Richie Jewiss, East Bilney Coachworks’ quality controller and ATA senior MET technician, said: ‘We signed up for a trial of AudaGarage when it was first launched and it made a difference from day one.

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‘We are now able to demonstrate our professionalism from the moment we meet a customer at the vehicle, as the guided fault diagnostics from AudaGarage allow us to quickly gauge repair times and provide accurate on-the-spot estimates. It’s so easy to use, everyone in our business can benefit from it, from our receptionist to our quality controller and everyone in between.’

For director Mark Baldwin, AudaGarage has helped his business reduce some jobs from a 24-hour turnaround to just 20 minutes – and, he says, that’s a godsend for a busy repair workshop.

This is because it can take less than 60 seconds to identify the cause of a mechanical fault with AudaGarage.

He said: ‘A huge amount of manpower is saved on a daily basis. At every stage of a repair we have the step-by-step information we need right at our fingertips.

‘For example, finding air conditioning port locations can be a real headache, but AudaGarage tells our technicians exactly where to look so they don’t waste masses of time hunting around the vehicle. The same applies to fuses, as there are so many locations for these in vehicles.’

Baldwin added: ‘It’s quick to look up parts using just a vehicle registration or chassis number and, in turn, obtain online quotes with OE part numbers.

‘Everything is automated, which has put an end to wasting time flicking through manuals or calling manufacturers. The team in the workshop also benefit greatly from instant access to torque settings, which are displayed on exploded component diagrams, and fuse box diagrams are colour-coded.’

During the bodywork repair process, electrics can be disturbed which, in turn, show up on the dashboard as an alert. Identifying these electrical faults can prove to be time-consuming and, in some instances, bodyshops have to outsource and bring in a mobile vehicle electrician to sort out the problem.

AudaGarage removes the need for this type of expensive repair because its fault code diagnostics enable in-house technicians to quickly and easily identify and rectify the fault.

We’re Getting More Work – And Customers Are Happier

East Bilney Coachworks is already using AudaGarage to quote for repairs on the spot, which helps it win more work.

Richie Jewiss says: ‘It’s a technical solution with real tangible benefits and we’re processing more estimates every week as a result of using AudaGarage. And PAS125 trace and track using our process on AudaGarage, making it vital for audits and proving our commitment to best practice.’

And crucially, says East Bilney Coachworks, customers are happier.

Jewiss said he sees the benefits AudaGarage brings to the business in terms of customer service. ‘It guarantees we’re at the top of our game at all times, which is central to our customer offering.

‘In addition, the level of information on the comprehensive vehicle report also helps us quickly upsell jobs with times and parts prices available, which has been a real benefit for our repairers.

‘AudaGarage provides a range of little things that make it really user-friendly, such as colour coding and clear diagrams and pictures. This is particularly useful as we get more hybrid vehicles coming through the workshop.’

James Baggott
James Baggott

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