EDT Automotive: Full engine detox helps vehicles and your workshop

EDT Automotive: Full engine detox helps vehicles and your workshop

YOU already offer an efficient and expert service to your customers, keeping them happy and their vehicles in the peak of condition.

What, though, if you could provide something extra, something that would deliver observable results and definable long-term benefits to your customers, and an additional revenue stream to you?

EDT Automotive may have just the thing in the shape of their Engine Decontamination Machine, a unique device that has been tried, tested and acclaimed around the world for 20 years and is now available in the UK.

If a regular service is the vehicle equivalent of a trip to the gym and sauna, then an EDT treatment is a full detox session at a health spa. Engine oil works like the blood in your arteries, and over time these pathways can become clogged, reducing circulation and efficiency. EDT’s device effectively clears the engine’s arteries, getting rid of automotive ‘cholesterol’.

An automated process that takes just 13 minutes produces some startling results. Real world reports show fuel economy increased by up to 25%, power increased by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb. Harmful emissions are also significantly reduced: CO by an average 69% and diesel smoke by an average 58%.


Customers themselves have reported a smoother, quieter and more responsive drive – and can see in the machine’s filter for themselves the engine sludge and debris that doesn’t get shifted by normal oil changes.

Workshop Magazine recently caught up with EDT managing director David Holmes, who first saw the decontamination device in action while running Aljazirah Ford in Saudi Arabia. EDT Automotive is now the sole UK importer.

He reports that in their first year of operation the company oversaw 38,000 treatments, generating the equivalent of £2.5million in incremental aftersales turnover.

‘In the UK we are well on the way to establishing a true nationwide network of main dealers and high-quality independents,’ said Holmes. ‘The fact we’ve done that from scratch in just two years tells you everything you need to know about the quality of the product.’

For the dealer and garage it’s a win-win situation, with no upfront purchase costs and the machine provided free of charge, subject to carrying out a minimum number of treatments per month. Holmes told us: ‘Our business model is pay per use, like a vending machine, and our partners are now carrying out around 1,000 treatments per month.

‘For our partners, EDT is an exciting new product and a valuable revenue stream. In these days of advanced diagnostics, it is something their customers can see and feel. We find the analogy of removing cholesterol is easily understood.

‘The treatment is carried out in situ and takes only 13 minutes. The fact that the process is automated means the technician is free to get on with other work. We recommend the treatment from 20,000 miles on diesels and 25,000 miles on petrol engines. Thereafter, it is up to the customer. Many ask for it again at their next service.’

Holmes went on to detail the treatment itself. ‘When a vehicle is in for either a full service or an oil and filter change, our machine heats a soya-based oil to 42 degrees and pulses in through the oil filter housing at 40 psi. It is then recovered back out via the sump and filtered through a 5-micron filtering system.

‘The fluid removes any built-up residue left within the oilways, often up to half a litre of gunk. It is this residue that carries all of the particles and carbon deposits that are harmful to your engine. In effect, we restore the oil system back to OE spec, allowing your new oil to be fully efficient in protecting and lubricating your engine.’

Workshop Magazine tried the treatment out with a car belonging to the wife of our operations director, Andy Entwistle, namely, a 2006 SLK200 with 90k on the clock, which seemed a worthy recipient.

The system took around 30 minutes to set up, a little longer than expected but down to the fact that a previous mechanic had been a little enthusiastic when tightening the sump plug!

EDT provide their customers with the full kit and connection adaptors. A multi-make outfit will need to purchase adaptors for more than one vehicle, but most are covered now and adaptors are not expensive.

Once the machine had worked its magic, Shaun Welch, area manager for EDT, showed us the device filter and it’s fair to say that there was quite a bit of residue in there.

As to any improvement in power, efficiency and smoothness, Mrs E commented after a couple of days that she thought it felt smoother and less stressed.

One noticeable difference was the way in which the gearbox changed up. Though this wasn’t directly touched by the treatment, an increase in efficiency would impact on its mapping. The car showed less inclination to hold on to gears when cold and changed earlier, resulting in a more relaxed drive and an improvement in economy – we saw about 5%.

The fact that Mrs E noticed this suggests the treatment worked, as she isn’t normally one to notice the technical side of how her car drives.

Another person bowled over with EDT’s offering is Jon Tatnall, formerly dealer principal at Yeomans Peugeot and Hyundai in Hastings. In fact, he was so impressed by the Kent-based company, he joined it.

Jon discovered EDT during a profit clinic for Peugeot general managers at Charters in Aldershot. Within two weeks he had an EDT machine installed at Hastings. The dealership went on to win a Golden Lion customer excellence award.

The former customer will now head an EDT team tasked with growing the company’s UK network, reporting directly to David Holmes.

‘In these days of exhausted revenue streams, EDT is close to a fairytale,’ said a clearly enthusiastic Jon. ‘The “detox your car” message is very effective. At Yeomans we were doing 25-30 treatments a month, earning a healthy profit on each job card.

‘My target is to add 65 more UK sites in my first year. Filling open points in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is our top priority. We’ll also be looking to recruit regional managers to serve our expanding network.

‘I urge all main dealers and quality independent garages to check out EDT Automotive dotcom and get in touch.’

Apple Of Industry’s Eye

EDT Automotive is proving a success in another area as well, winning a prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice.

The engine detox company, based in Westwell Leacon, near Ashford in Kent, competed against more than 500 nominees to win the award, which will be presented at a glittering ceremony at the Houses of Parliament, London, on November 16.

Established in 1994, The Green Apple Awards are run by The Green Organisation, an independent, non-profit group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world, and supported by the Environment Agency, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

EDT MD David Holmes said: ‘We only launched the company in 2013, so to win a Green Apple Award in only our second year is a fantastic achievement.

‘It will help to raise awareness of the fuel saving and emissions benefits of our treatment, both within the automotive industry and among the motoring public.

‘As a result of this success, we also now qualify for the Green World Awards and the European Business Awards for the Environment, so we’re keen to have a crack at those as well.’


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