Yuasa: New battery search system is on the button

Yuasa: New battery search system is on the button

Yuasa has long been regarded as one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers. Because of increasing demand for the company’s OE-quality aftermarket automotive batteries across Europe, Yuasa has continued to develop and increase its range both in terms of features, coverage and technology.

As well as working hard on the development of its batteries, Yuasa is also focusing on making life easier for the garages and technicians using its products.

A recent innovation has come in the form of Yuasa’s USB Smart Button and Online Battery Lookup tool. And the good news is, you can get hold of a button and use the lookup for free!

The unique system is the most advanced and powerful battery lookup available. It significantly cuts down on the amount of time mechanics need to find the correct replacement battery and provides them with other useful information.

The Smart Button and Battery Lookup has a simple, three-step set-up. To identify the right battery for a car, the button needs to be plugged into a computer USB slot. One press of an illuminated button will then open up the Yuasa Battery Lookup.

By simply entering a vehicle’s registration or chassis number, the system will pull up information, including the appropriate Yuasa battery, where it is located, and an approximate fitting time.Yuasa_USB_Smart_Button

The inspiration for the button came from the busy schedules that mechanics have.

James Douglas, marketing executive at Yuasa, explained: ‘We looked at what garages and workshops need and have tried to cover every angle that arises when replacing a battery.’

The handy gadget has been in garages since early 2014, and has been used by more than 75,000 unique users across Europe. It simplifies something that would otherwise be a time-consuming procedure, and allows mechanics to quote accurately when pricing up a job.

Douglas added: ‘We want to make our customers’ lives as easy as possible so they’re not having to spend time, energy and money looking through the books for batteries.

And beyond that, once they’ve found the right battery, we want to be able to give them a really quick and convenient system which presents them with the information they need.’

Because of the constantly evolving nature of the automotive industry, batteries are becoming more and more advanced, Douglas explained. ‘On older, more traditional vehicles, the battery tends to be under the bonnet, so it’s easy to find. It is a very quick job to unbolt it, change the battery, and off you go.

‘With newer vehicles, especially those featuring Start/Stop technology and other advanced technologies, you need to replace the battery with the correct type.

‘Failure to do so can cause a host of serious problems.

‘Furthermore, the battery is not always located under the bonnet – it could be under the seat, or you might have to remove various levels of trim to get to it.

‘In many cases, you also need to reprogram the battery management system in the vehicle. To make this whole process easier, our battery lookup also provides an estimated fitting time, on-board diagnostics and battery location, loads of information on changing the battery, plus technical data sheets.

‘The actual job of replacing the battery may be a lot more complex than the garage or workshop first envisioned.’

Yuasa’s number plate and chassis number lookup covers cars, light vans, commercial vehicles and motorcycles. In addition to this, batteries can also be found by searching through a simple make and model lookup.

The useful site can also cross-reference batteries from other brands via their model number and suggest a Yuasa equivalent.

The entire system is driven by Yuasa’s European database and updated daily to ensure that all of the information is as accurate as possible.

An exciting upcoming development for the system is the advanced browse battery feature, with which dealers and mechanics will be able to easily search through the company’s entire range for a battery that fits certain dimensions and power criteria. Douglas concluded: ‘Basically, what we’ve done is built a system that means the team in any workshop can find any battery they need – quickly and easily. It’s the ultimate way to find a battery.’

Garages that would like to order a free button and try the system should visit yuasa.co.uk/smartbutton

James Baggott
James Baggott

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