Customer’s SUV hits 106mph with dealership employee at the wheel

Customer’s SUV hits 106mph with dealership employee at the wheel

A CAR owner was shocked to find his pride and joy had been tracked driving at 106mph during a visit to a dealership for its annual service.

Richard Elliott, 43, took his Audi Q7 V12 to Teesside Audi in Stockton. According to an online tracking device fitted inside the vehicle, an employee later took the car for a speedy test drive along Queen Elizabeth Way.

It was only when Elliott collected his SUV, similar to the one pictured, from the dealership that he discovered the tracker had logged it being driven at 106mph – more than twice the legal speed limit.

Elliott, from Bishop Auckland, told the Gazette Live website: ‘You trust the business to behave professionally, not speed round in your vehicle.’

When he informed the dealership about the speeding, he was told the staff member responsible had been put on a final written warning and would cover the cost of the service himself, Gazette Live reported.

A spokesman for Teesside Audi added: ‘We wish to sincerely apologise to Mr Elliott for this unfortunate incident and can confirm the member of staff concerned has been disciplined as a result of the information which was brought to our attention.

‘Our company policies are very clear with regard to the duty of care for both customer and company vehicles, however we can confirm this was an isolated incident and the appropriate actions have now been taken.’

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