DVSA to reintroduce Vehicle Specific Information to the MOT testing service

DVSA to reintroduce Vehicle Specific Information to the MOT testing service

THE Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency is to reintroduce the Vehicle Specific Information system to the MOT following a review.

Before the move to the new MOT testing service, VSI was provided to testers that included information such as VIN location, brake testing weight, ABS presence and lighting test sequence, and the type of roller brake test required.

The DVSA’s management and technical standards teams reviewed VSI and discovered that while there was lots of positive feedback on VSI, several problems were also identified with it, including data being incorrect because of the difficulty of selecting the right vehicle

The review and user feedback revealed that brake testing weight information was essential, and DVSA introduced this function as one of the first updates to the new MOT testing service. More information will be added over time, following more user feedback, with data such as whether a vehicle can be roller brake tested, how to test electro-mechanical parking brake systems, anti-lock braking system lamp operation, adaptive air suspension, tyre pressure monitoring systems and original fitment of CATs and DPFs all under consideration.

In a statement, the DVSA said: ‘We always intended to make more technical information about specific vehicles available on the MOT testing service. Unfortunately, this has taken us a little longer than we originally planned. It might be that we don’t introduce all the changes at once.’

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