Garage boss is sent to prison for tax fraud

Garage boss is sent to prison for tax fraud

A MANCHESTER garage boss has been jailed for fraud after he hid his business activities from the taxman and stole £118,000 from UK taxpayers.

Carl Hutchinson, 61, of Manor Road, Denton, traded for five years between 2009 and 2014 as DPC, Fine Motors and Fine Garages but failed to submit any tax or VAT returns. HMRC discovered that he had faked invoices and hijacked the VAT numbers of other legitimate companies and used them on customer invoices. He charged VAT on his services and then kept the cash rather than paying what was owed to HMRC.

Despite being registered with HMRC, Hutchinson failed to declare any of his income or pay the VAT due. He traded with several companies during the fraud and HMRC collected statements from his customers and suppliers that provided further evidence of his fake invoices and the hijacked VAT numbers.

Hutchinson, pictured above, was sentenced to 27 months in jail at Manchester Crown Court on Friday after earlier pleading guilty to VAT evasion, possessing and creating falsified invoices, cheating the public revenue, and money laundering.

HMRC will now begin action to recover the stolen tax.

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