Independent Garage Association launches major training campaign

Independent Garage Association launches major training campaign

The Independent Garage Association (IGA) is launching its biggest MOT training campaign yet across the industry as a response to low numbers of MOT Testers having completed the DVSA’s mandated annual training.

General feedback is indicating that tester completion levels are lower than expected, and there are also concerns about the quality of the training. Due to this, the IGA is running 23 training events nationally between January and March in order to help MOT testers meet the required level by the deadline.

Stuart James, director of IGA, said: ‘We are led to believe that the number of garages who will meet the March 31 deadline is lower than anticipated. Time is running out and this training which is mandated by the DVSA needs to be completed. The IGA has scheduled these UK-wide events to ensure that MOT garages do not leave themselves vulnerable to sanctions for non-compliance.’

The events cover the DVSA’s 2016/17 syllabus, which includes headlamp aim, driver’s view of the road and knowledge of special notices, as well as general MOT knowledge. The course also includes a workbook for testers to record their training, which is another DVSA requirement.

Due to changes by the DVSA, MOT testers are now required to complete training annually, instead of every 5 years as they have done previously. The events are being held at easy to access locations all around the country during weekday mornings to help accommodate the work flow needs of businesses.

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