Ateca success allowed Seat to jump queue for latest VW Group platform

Ateca success allowed Seat to jump queue for latest VW Group platform

THE SUCCESS of the Ateca SUV allowed Seat access to the latest VW Group small car platform ahead of its sister brands, according to one of Seat’s engineers.

Thomas Schauer, who works on powertrains and chassis at Seat, said the Spanish brand had been allowed to use the new MQB A0 platform before Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda after the Ateca earned the respect of the group’s management.

With the introduction of the new platform, Seat has been able to extend the new Ibiza’s wheelbase, despite the car losing 2mm in overall length. As a result, there is now more rear legroom than before, as well as a class-leading 355-litre boot that overtakes the practicality-focused Skoda Fabia’s 330-litre load bay.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new Ibiza, Schauer said: ‘Normally the group prioritises Audi, then Volkswagen, then Skoda, then Seat, but we launched the Ateca in front of the Skoda Kodiaq and then there was a lot of respect for how we have improved and how we built this car.

‘Also, the Ibiza is one of the most important cars we make. We have three. We have the Ateca, we have the Leon and this – this is next.

‘So when it came to the Ibiza, Volkswagen says, ‘OK’. For VW, Polo is just one model, but for Seat it’s very important, and so they accepted. Also with the commitments of the factory, we are quicker and we produce a very high level of quality.’

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