Four million road users may have knowingly driven without a valid MOT

Four million road users may have knowingly driven without a valid MOT

MORE than four million of the UK’s motorists knowingly drive their cars without being covered by a valid MOT certificate, according to a new survey.

The survey of a nationally representative body of 2,009 UK adults by ICM for Kwik Fit found that up to 22 per cent admitted to having driven their car without a valid MOT. The average length of time these motorists have driven without a valid MOT is 37 days, although a third of those missing their MOT deadline got a valid certificate within three days.

March 2017 will see nearly half a million cars reaching their third birthday, requiring their first MOT, and the survey revealed that missing the car’s third year anniversary is one of the top ten reasons given by drivers for not having a valid MOT. With a government proposal to extend the first MOT period to four years, it’s a situation that stands to get worse.

The table below shows the most common reasons given by drivers for not getting an MOT in time.


Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit said: ‘Our research showed that drivers give many different reasons for not getting their car MOTed but the most common seems to be simply forgetfulness. The most worrying are those who knew their car would fail the test and so drove it until they got it fixed.

‘But there are also those who felt that their car was safe and didn’t need the MOT to prove it. The test is a crucial element in keeping our roads safe and can spot issues that might not be obvious to us in our day to day driving but could be significant in an emergency.’

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