New Products

New Products

Armor All interior wipes


Armor All has released a new range of products for cleaning the inside of cars. Firstly, the dashboard wipes help protect the dash from harmful UV rays. Then there are the glass wipes, which remove all kinds of dirt from the inside of the windows. Finally, the leather wipes preserve the quality of the upholstery.

Clarke petrol pressure washers


Clarke has brought out a new range of heavy-duty petrol- powered pressure washers designed for use by garages, fleet operators and contractors. Each model has a protective steel frame, compact storage abilities and large tyres for increased stability. The hose and lance are adjustable, delivering up to 260 bars of pressure, and the machines also come with a detergent pick-up hose and filter. The devices can draw water from a barrel, making them useable in remote places.

Laser Tools HGV nut remover sockets

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.53.32

Laser Tools has released a set of sockets designed to deal with the tricky task of removing damaged or rounded-off nuts and bolts from HGVs. The equipment securely grips the damaged components, allowing them to be extracted quickly and easily. The set contains six 3⁄4” drive sockets, in the sizes of 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 33mm, 34mm and 36mm. They are manufactured to withstand repeated use in tough conditions, and are finished with manganese phosphate. Supplied in a case for easy storage, the set also comes with a hard chrome-plated punch bar so that the nut can be removed from the socket after extraction.

Bartec TAP200 tread and pressure reader

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 10.55.03

Bartec’s new TAP200 device allows for fast and accurate readings of tyre tread wear and pressure. A colour-coded warning system is in place, indicating and recording the wear pattern via three points of measurement. The tool is also capable of reading tyre pressure so incorrect inflation or slow leaks can be identified. This benefits the customer in ways such as lower fuel costs and maximised tyre life.

Exol Taurus FS 5W-40 oil for JCBs

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.26.42

Exol’s new Taurus FS 5W-40 has been designed with JCB’s Ecomax T4i and Dieselmax T3 engines in mind. The fully synthetic oil’s main specifications include API CH-4, CF, and ACEA E2. Taurus FS 5W-40 emphasises performance at low temperature and lessens wear in cold weather. It is manufactured from cautiously selected base oils in order to earn the ‘W’ grade. The
product is available in a range of quantities, from 25 litres to 205 litres, or even full tanks.

Laser Tools ratchet brake piston spreader

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.27.38

Laser Tools’ new ratchet brake piston spreader is designed to make changing brake pads easier by allowing the user to press back all kinds of pistons, be they single, dual or quad. The pistons don’t bind as they are being kept parallel and are pushed straight back into the clipper bore. The ratchet handle can rotate through a full 360 degree, allowing for a choice of angle.

Laser Tools timing chain splitter and fitter kit

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.28.23

The Laser Tools timing chain splitter and fitter kit allows its user to separate and reassemble the timing chains found in engines of cars from manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Jeep. The kit includes tools for link removal, assembly and swaging, ensuring that everything needed for the job is present. OEM reference numbers are cross-referenced to guarantee the correct components are used on different engines.

Gunson Trakrite camber bar and digital inclinometer


Gunson’s new Trakrite camber bar and digital inclinometer offer exceptionally accurate measurements. The bar provides a solid metal base, ideal for mounting camber gauges, and is very easy to use. When it is attached, the inclinometer – which is powered by a 1.5V AAA battery and turns off following five minutes of inactivity – displays the camber angle on an LCD screen.

Comma Oil Manista hand cleaner


Comma Oil has updated its Manista hand cleaner in order to be more environmentally friendly. The micro beads previously used in the product have been replaced by a biodegradable formula. Comma says that the product will be just as effective at removing oil, grease and dirt from its users’ hands as before. The new cleaner is available in pack sizes of 700 millilitres, three litres, 10 litres and 20 litres.

3M print wrap films and textured décor overlaminates


3M has announced a variety of new wraps and décors. New comply adhesive and micro technology mean that across the range are a variety of features such as optimised initial tack, fine-tuned slideability and easy liner release. As well as a cornucopia of new features, 3M is also releasing a selection of more colours for its wrap film series 1380, including glossy navy blue, glossy sapphire green and matte black.

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