Repair centre’s £80,000 investment pays off as Audi work expands

Repair centre’s £80,000 investment pays off as Audi work expands

AN £80,000 investment in specialist technology is really paying off for the family-owned Swansway Accident Repair Centre in Crewe.

The outlay last year made it Audi UK’s only specialist repair centre for its R8 supercar. At the time, the R8 was the only Audi using the ground-breaking auto construction technology of CFRP – a super-lightweight carbon-fibre reinforced polymer. Although the material is extremely light, it has great strength and rigidity, and now it’s making its way into vehicles across the Audi range.

The new Audi A8 saloon, due out later this year, has a rear panel made of CFRP and the repair centre will once again swing into action as the Audi UK-designated specialist UK repairer.

Swansway group director David Smyth said: ‘The new Audi A8 will join the R8 in using CFRP as a major construction component. This brings our accident repair centre into play again, as the redesigned Audi A8 brings with it the need for our very specialist technicians to undertake the repairs.’

The centre’s Martin Smith, pictured, is one of just five technicians globally who have been trained by Audi in Germany to use the latest ultrasound scanning technology, which is needed to check if the CFRP’s integrity has been damaged.

Every Audi R8 or A8 repair involving possible damage to the CFRP components will be co-ordinated by the centre, with diagnostics and repairs undertaken by Smith, who said: ‘It’s a real thrill to be one of only five specialist CFRP-trained technicians in the world. It means I get to work on amazing cars like the Audi R8 supercar and soon-to-be released new Audi A8. It’s a really special job.’

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