Apprentice Tanya wins Spirit of Audi Award

Apprentice Tanya wins Spirit of Audi Award

AN APPRENTICE has won a Spirit of Audi Award after distinguishing herself on the company’s Outward Bound Trust course.

Tanya Pickering, who works at Stoke Audi Parts, went to the Lake District with around 50 other apprentices, where they had to perform a number of team-building activities, such as swimming in a lake, assembling a raft and navigating dark tunnels. All of these tasks linked back in some way to working at Audi.

The 24-year-old excelled at all the activities, especially tying the ropes on the raft. Her peers elected her as team leader, giving her even more opportunity to impress the Audi UK representatives and the course instructors.

Not only is Audi UK rewarding Pickering with the award, but it also sent her 10 large cakes to share with her co-workers.

Delighted at winning the award, Pickering said: ‘I think there’s a massive impact with what you take back to work. It’s not just about doing your job but helping your team members with their work, doing more off your own back and having more confidence in being yourself.’

Jonny Connelly, training manager at Volkswagen Group, said: ‘Tanya was one of the shining stars of the Outward Bound course. She really impressed with how passionate, spirited and driven she was throughout the week and Audi UK will be recognising Tanya with its Spirit of Audi Award.’

David Smyth, director of Swansway Motor Group, of which Stoke Audi is a subsidiary, said: ‘This is what makes running this business so rewarding – seeing a young person like Tanya blossom and to help them reach their potential. It’s great and I’m extremely proud of Tanya’s achievement.’

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