Our Fleet: Subaru Legacy GT-B

Our Fleet: Subaru Legacy GT-B

THERE’S good news and bad news from Legacy land this month. On the positive side, that much-needed oil change has definitely had an effect. After something like half a tank of fuel, the ECU woke up to the new liquid gold sitting in the sump, and power delivery is feeling much less lumpy than before. Result.

On the flip side, happy and free-revving though the engine now may feel, it definitely doesn’t sound it.

Beyond 2,000 RPM there’s still the mother of all whining noises, and it’s proving a wee bit challenging to pinpoint.

It follows engine rather than road speed, so I can pretty much rule out anything differential or gearbox-related, but beyond that I’m left with my ear pressed to the bonnet like a fishwife up against a party wall.

First port of call was the power steering (again), my hope being that a top-up of fluids might shut things up. No such luck.

For good measure I whipped off the belt that drives it along with the alternator and – guess what – the wailing still remained.

The next most common thing to fail is a cheap-as-chips idler pulley that keeps the air conditioner belt tense, but since my car doesn’t like doing anything the conventional way, that doesn’t seem to be at fault either.

That, in theory, leaves me with something timing belt-related – not a big deal, but annoying given that it was (supposedly) changed in Japan only 20,000km ago.

The next question is, am I brave enough to have a go at doing it myself? Eek.

Model: Subaru Legacy GT-B Blitzen
Owned by: Jon Reay
Engine: 2.0-litre twin-turbo petrol
Bought for: $460 + shipping + tax (£2,300-ish total)
Mileage: 81,500
Money spent this month: £0
Highlight of the month: The Subaru running (slightly) closer to how it’s supposed to…

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