Our Fleet: BMW 330d Touring

Our Fleet: BMW 330d Touring

IT’S A sad state of affairs to see a car that is so accomplished at travelling big miles sat doing, well, very little. That’s the case with my 330d. It’s best suited for the motorway, but unfortunately it’s just being used for the odd jaunt these days and, because of this, you can tell that it just ain’t happy.

It’s not that it isn’t well maintained – the oil levels are spot-on, the power steering fluid is just at the right level and even the washer fluid bottle couldn’t be brimmed any further – but it’s just lacking the real use that cars like this need.

Belfort has been washed on a regular basis, and treated to all manner of waxes and polishes too, which means that he’s at least looking cared for. This all brings me to my dilemma – one that I have voiced to my Workshop colleagues countless times.

A car like the BMW is too practical to sit around all day. It’s got a large boot, is relatively economical and can seat five in comfort – exactly the opposite of what you want from a weekend car. So the question is – do I trade in the 330 for something half as practical but twice as interesting?

I’ve asked myself this on countless occasions, yet still I find myself reluctant to put the car up for sale. Maybe I need to hang on to him, and perhaps the used prices of E46s will skyrocket. Here’s hoping.

Model: BMW 330d Touring
Owned by: Jack Evans
Engine: 2.9-litre turbocharged diesel
Bought for: £2,600
Mileage: 147,230
Money spent this month: £0
Highlight of the month: Imagining what I’d do with the profit if Belfort started to go up in value.

Written by Jack Evans

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