Land Rover, Jaguar and Vauxhall ‘prompt most claims on post-manufacturer warranties’

Land Rover, Jaguar and Vauxhall ‘prompt most claims on post-manufacturer warranties’

LAND Rover, Jaguar and Vauxhall are the vehicle makes with have the most claims on post-manufacturer warranties, according to research by Warranty Direct.

The specialist warranty company analysed authorised claims on a variety of four-year-old cars, chosen because most manufacturer warranties last for three years.

Among vehicles of this age, Land Rover had the highest number of authorised claims, nearly 30 per cent of which were for Defender models. A further 28 per cent of payouts were for examples of the Discovery, followed by the Range Rover on 26 per cent and the Freelander with 16 per cent.

Following Land Rover with the second, third and fourth-highest numbers of authorised claims were Jaguar, Vauxhall and Renault respectively.

However, the marque with the most expensive authorised claims was Bentley, with an average cost of £1,358 per claim. Land Rover was a close second, averaging £1,324 per claim, and Nissan was third with £1,284.

The most common reason for these claims, at 21 per cent, was axle and suspension problems, which become more likely after the manufacturer warranty has expired because of the increased mileage.

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Gearboxes topped the list of the most expensive parts, because of electronic complexity, intensity of labour and expensive diagnostic equipment. Second and third were engines and steering respectively.

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Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct, said: ‘Our latest information on the most common costs and claims for vehicles post-manufacturer warranty should offer valuable insight for consumers whose vehicles are approaching the four-year mark.

‘Those who currently possess certain brands, which have displayed more issues or expensive repairs, would be wise to consider purchasing an extended warranty once their manufacturer’s runs out. This could be more cost-effective in the long run and a good way to prepare for any future concerns.’

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