New Products

New Products

Clarke Drum Fans

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 13.05.02

Costs: £142.80-£250.80 inc VAT
Available from:

This selection of commercial and industrial drum fans – with a couple of new examples recently added to the range – is ideal for providing cooling in workshops, garages and factories. The commercial fan – which is available as a 24-inch, 30-inch or 36-inch unit – produces up to 310m3 per minute of air flow. Meanwhile, the industrial fan – available in sizes of 24 inches or 30 inches – has an output of 222m3 per minute. Both versions are fitted with wheels, while the industrial version has a tilt range of 300 degrees.

Laser Tools Ford Cambelt Timing Tool Set

ford cambelt

Costs: £251.21 inc VAT
Available from:

This cambelt timing set fits the Ford 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost engine that has been in production since 2012, as well as certain GTDi engines. It’s equivalent to a variety of Ford OEMs. An additional kit is required if the VCT pulleys need removing.

Laser Tools Brake Pipe Bender

brake pipe bender

Costs: £18.14 inc VAT
Available from:

This pipe bender is made from chrome molybdenum and is intended for use on brake pipes. The profile gives two bend options. It is compatible for use with a standard 5mm brake pipe.

Clarke MIG Welders (145 & 175 models)

standard welder

Costs: £203.98 (145 model inc VAT)
£538.80 (175 model inc VAT)
Available from:

Clarke’s offering of welders, for both standard and industrial use, combine performance with reliability and affordability. The standard MIG welder is suitable for work on mild steel up to 4mm thick. It has a non-live torch and power ranging from 35 to 135 amps from a 230V supply. The industrial variation ranges from 30 to 170 amps and features a turbo fan cooled transformer, fully variable wire feed speed control and a thermal overload with reset. It operates from a 230V power supply and is suitable for use on mild steel up to 6mm thick.

Laser Tools Suspension Arm Lever

suspension lever

Costs: £329.18 inc VAT
Available from:

This handy bit of kit from Laser Tools allows you to pull and hold down the lower suspension arm, allowing separation of the hub from the lower arm. It’s a much safer method due to the hands-free aspect. The main bar measures 75cm in length, so it reaches across to the suspension with no difficulty.

Clarke CDP 202B Bench Drill Press

clarke drill

Costs: £222.00 inc VAT
Available from:

The product featured here is one of Clarke’s new range of high-capacity bench- and floor-mounted drill presses. Designed for precision use in heavy-duty engineering environments and workshops, they have features such as a table that can tilt 45 degrees and rotate 360 degrees, as well as 16 different speed settings – going up to 2,770rpm – a chuck capacity ranging from 3mm to 16mm, a 290mm diameter table and 0-620mm chuck to table.

Gunson Fuse Kit

fuse kit

Costs: £28.32 inc VAT
Available from:

Gunson’s fuse kit solves the problem of complicated diagrams in a creative way. These blade fuses light up in a certain colour when you blow on them, so you instantly know what size it is. The kit includes 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 amp sizes, all of which look identical except for their individual illuminations. A fuse remover is also included.

Laser Tools Triumph Motorcycle Equipment

suspension tool 1

Costs: £33.94 (fork piston holder), £30.41 (damper tube wrench), £28.49 (fork damper assembly tool) all inc VAT
Available from:

Laser Tools have created three specialist pieces of equipment for use on modern Triumph motorcycles. The fork piston holder holds fork internals when you’re undoing fixing bolts. A damper tube wrench allows you to undo the damper tube when disassembling the forks. The fork damper assembly tool removes the internal components of the forks.

Clarke LCD Inspection Camera


Costs: £71.98 inc VAT
Available from:

This Clarke inspection camera allows for easy viewing of inaccessible areas. The one metre long flexible probe camera can be guided into the necessary area, which can then be seen on the 61mm, 320×240 pixel, TFT-LCD screen. An inspection mirror, magnetic pick-up and hook attachments are provided, as well as a carry case.

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