Garage displays danger message with a difference

Garage displays danger message with a difference

SAFETY in the workshop is of paramount importance – especially with all that powerful machinery around. And one garage in New Zealand is ramming home the danger message with a certain element of black humour…

The danger sign on the ramp at Oasis Auto Services

The danger sign on the ramp at Oasis Auto Services

This sign was spotted on a South Korean-made hydraulic ramp by expatriate James Smith when he took his 1999 Toyota Corolla GL to Oasis Auto Services in Papamoa, a coastal suburb of Tauranga in the Bay of Plenty region, for its Warrant of Fitness – essentially New Zealand’s equivalent of the MOT test – and he couldn’t resist grabbing a picture of it and letting us know.

He told Workshop Magazine: ‘The sign made my day. Kiwi humour at its best! I had a good laugh with another customer who was also in the workshop while his car was up on the ramp being inspected.’

Smith, who emigrated from Southampton in 2002, is a loyal customer of the garage, where customers have to walk through the small workshop to get to the office. ‘It’s quite quaint and you can chat to the mechanic as he works on your motor. It’s great to be able to see the guy who’s at the sharp end of sorting out your car. You just need to take care you don’t touch any machinery or you’ll face the consequences!’ he said.

Picture: James Smith

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