Special bottle design for cleaner aims to cut evaporation and stop smells

Special bottle design for cleaner aims to cut evaporation and stop smells

A BRITISH-MADE fuel and exhaust system cleaner is now being made available in bottles that will help workshops by cutting out evaporation and stopping odour leaks.

Cataclean contains solvents that break down deposits in fuel delivery systems formed by oxidation and polymerisation of hydrocarbons. The result is an increase in the ability to remove harmful exhaust emissions and prevent the DPF from clogging. The product is designed for pre-MOT use or as a solution to MOT emissions test failures.

The new bottles are stronger and lighter than before, with an improved three-layer design and a special barrier-layer to eliminate any potential evaporation.

The redesign took the Liverpool-based company about nine months to complete and cost around £30,000. However, it believes the benefits achieved by using this new co-extruded technology is well worth the investment.

Cataclean’s corporate development director, Graham Fraser, said: ‘We identified the new co-extruded bottle technology while developing our three-litre and five-litre workshop bottles. We felt confident this offered a solution to the common issue of evaporation and product wastage experienced with a lot of stored products.

‘Motor factors will be aware of the odour emitting from bottles, which in turn indicates volume loss in the long term. With this new technology we’re now able to ensure the full contents of our bottles remain well and truly sealed in.’

The newly designed bottles also come with new labelling and colour-coded caps, making it easier to differentiate between the products for petrol and diesel engines.

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