GYS launches Smart Booster for battery-charging market

GYS launches Smart Booster for battery-charging market

GYS HAS announced the launch of the Smart Booster as its new addition to the battery-charging market.

Europe’s largest manufacturer of battery-charging products, welding machines and tools, and car body systems said that it demonstrated GYS’s leadership in the technological advancement of battery-charging products.

GYS commercial director Neil Pulsford said: ‘The Smart Booster offers true innovation and safety critical features which no other booster pack in the market can currently offer.

‘The GYSCAP 500 Smart Booster delivers twice the charging power of a standard booster and it is the safest charging pack on the market today.’

GYS logoThe electronics inside the batteryless pack provide the user with the right information on type and discharge levels at each step. It delivers more than one million cycles without any performance losses, and not only will it deliver a record number of cycles, it can also perform starting on an unlimited number of vehicles consecutively.

It has three start modes and uses the latest super-capacitor technology, allowing it to be charged in less than a minute.

Designed with a reinforced plastic coating so that it can be taken anywhere no matter what the weather, the highly portable power pack can withstand extreme temperatures and all weather conditions. It is completely maintenance-free, and provides continuous power anywhere.

The Smart Booster has two charging modes: by connecting the clamps to a running vehicle or by connecting the cigarette lighter adapter to a running vehicle. This means it doesn’t need access to the battery terminals.

Pictured: The GYS Smart Booster in action

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