Mechanic jailed for fencing stolen motorbike and parts worth nearly £14,000

Mechanic jailed for fencing stolen motorbike and parts worth nearly £14,000

A MECHANIC from Leeds has been jailed for more than two years for handling a stolen motorbike, engines and parts worth thousands.

Kirk Rushfirth, pictured, had a stolen Yamaha worth £3,000 with a false plate plus engines from stolen bikes worth £4,000 and £1,400 at his home in Fairfield Hill, Bramley, when police raided it, according to the Yorkshire Evening Post.

The 27-year-old pleaded guilty at Leeds Crown Court to five offences of handling stolen goods, with the total cost of the stolen items put at £13,898, said the Post. The court was told Rushfirth had four previous convictions for offences that included handling stolen goods and theft.

In mitigation, barrister Ian Cook said: ‘He was unemployed. He was seeking to make a few extra pounds. He is disappointed that he has let his partner down.’

Rushfirth was imprisoned for 28 months, with Recorder Simon Eckersley telling him: ‘You must have been known to be somebody who would readily and willingly handle valuable stolen items. People steal and commit burglaries because of the existence of people like you – fences, as they used to be known.’

Picture: West Yorkshire Police

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