New Products

New Products

Draper Tools hydraulic spring compressor

Hydraulic Spring Compressor

How much: £2,244 (inc VAT)
Where from:

This hydraulic spring compressor is built completely from steel. It clamps and compresses with ease, allowing for suspension units to be safely dismantled. There’s also a full safety cage to protect the user, and the powerful hydraulic pump provides an absolutely independent operation.

Laser Tools combined bit and socket driver

Combined Bit and Socket Driver 2

How much: £5.50 (inc VAT)
Where from:

The Laser Tools combined bit and socket driver saves you time in your work. It’s compatible with any 0.25-inch bit or 0.375-inch socket and is magnetic and easy to use, as well as being good-looking with its black phosphate finish.

Draper Tools magnetic spark plug socket

Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

How much: £21.43 (inc VAT)
Where from:

This Draper Tools magnetic spark plug socket is designed for the safe retrieval of deep-set spark plugs. The 12-point, bi-hex socket has been forged from chrome vanadium steel before being hardened, tempered and chrome-plated. It’s suitable for using on brands of car such as Citroen, Peugeot, Renault and Mini.

Laser Tools alloy wheel nut sockets

Alloy Wheel Nut Sockets 2

How much: £72.84 (inc VAT)
Where from:

Laser Tools’ set of three extra-long alloy wheel nut sockets are made of chrome molybdenum and measure 150mm in length, with a diameter of 13mm. The sizes included are 17mm, 19mm and 21mm. Each socket has a colour-coded nylon sleeve to make identification easier.

Laser Tools Audi camshaft spacer and pinset

Audi Camshaft Spacer and Pin Set 1

How much: £50.90 (inc VAT)
Where from:

The Laser Tools camshaft spacer and pin set is suitable for use with the 2008 Audi A4 and 2009 Audi Q5. It’s compatible with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol TFSi direct-injection engine.

Draper Tools body panel repair stand

Body Panel Repair Stand 2

How much: £65.98 (inc VAT)
Where from:

The Draper Tools body panel repair stand is made of a lightweight and strong steel frame, meaning it’s durable
but also highly portable. It features foam covers and balanced non-skid feet plus two locking chains, and
has a maximum weight load of 220kg, meaning it’s suitable for use in any professional workshop.

Draper Tools four-tonne and 10-tonne hydraulic body repair kit

Four Tonne Hydraulic Body Repair Kit

How much: £143.94 promotional price, £151.18 list price (both inc VAT)
Where from:

Draper Tools’ four-tonne and 10-tonne hydraulic repair kits feature four extension bars, a serrated cap and a hydraulic spreading wedge. They also have a 60mm rubber head, flat serrated base, ram toe, plunger toe, cleft head, V Base, double-end male snap connector and a 330mm-long hydraulic push ram.

Draper Tools Mercedes-Benz 17mm wheel nut socket

Mercedes-Benz 17mm Wheel Nut Socket

How much: £14.34 (inc VAT)
Where from:

This 17mm wheel nut socket from Draper Tools is compatible with the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204) and E-Class (W211, W212 and W207). It’s made of solid chrome molybdenum steel and can be powered by a half-inch square-drive impact wrench or ratchet. Its thin-waled design and nylon sleeve protect the wheel during use, making this an essential item.

Draper Tools second- generation wheel bearing kit

Second Generation Wheel Bearing Kit

How much: £538.80 promotional price, £718.80 list price (both inc VAT)
Where from:

Draper Tools’ second-generation wheel bearing kit is useful for work on marques such as Ford, Land Rover, Mazda, Volkswagen and Volvo. If a conventional bearing is used, the force applied causes stress and deterioration. This new kit solves that, though, by correctly distributing the pressing forces while simultaneously letting the suspension leg remain in situ during fitting.

Clarke heavy-duty garages

Heavy Duty Garage 1

How much: £346.80, £358.80 & £514.80 (all inc VAT)
Where from:

Clarke’s range of heavy-duty garages is ideal for easily protecting cars against harsh weather. They are made of a highly durable, triple-layered, waterproof fabric, which has been fully UV-treated and tightened to protect against sun, rain and wind. The structure is made up of powder-coated steel frames and can be assembled on a variety of surfaces. The garages come in a selection of sizes, the largest of which is 24ft (L) x 12ft (W) x 8ft (H).

Clarke CIR220 cordless impact wrench

Impact Wrench 1

How much: £119.98 (inc VAT)
Where from:

The Clarke CIR220 is a 24V cordless impact wrench that wraps up plenty of power in a compact and lightweight device. It has a maximum torque delivery of 220Nm at a speed of 2,000rpm, and is comfortable to use with its ergonomically shaped handle. It comes with two batteries, which can be fully charged within one hour, as well as four sockets and a carry case.

Laser Tools Vauxhall engine-timing chain tool kit

Vauxhall Engine Timing Chain Tool Kit 3

How much: £159.41 (inc VAT)
Where from:

This engine-timing chain tool kit is compatible with Vauxhall’s 2014 2.0-litre CDTi engine, found in examples of the Cascada, Insignia and Zafira. It can be used to remove and replace the timing chain inside the cylinder head.

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