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New Products

Laser Tools tube straightener

Laser Tools Pipe Straightener

How much: £84.29 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This three-in-one tube straightener from Laser Tools makes dealing with coiled brake pipes a quick and easy process. Among its many attributes, it lets you match the exact bends of the original pipe without causing any twists in the new one. The tool is operated by hand and is adjustable to three sizes – 5mm, 6mm and 10mm.

Clarke SDS+ rotary hammer drill

Clarke SDS+ Drill

How much: £75.59 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Clarke CRD1100 multi-function SDS+ rotary hammer drill has the power required for those big heavy-duty tasks. The 1,100W motor allows for an impact rate of 4,200 blows per minute. The tool has three functions – drill- only, hammer-only plus simultaneous drilling and hammering. A selection of accessories is included, such as a 13mm keyed drill chuck, two chisels, three TCT drill bits and a moulded storage case.

Teng 110-piece service case

Teng Service Case

How much: £599.99 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This fully portable tool kit comes in a durable carrying case with suspension wheels, retractable handle and combination lock. Inside are nine trays to hold the kit, which consists of a 17-piece half-inch socket set, 12-piece combi spanner set, four-piece plier set, seven-piece screwdriver set, seven-piece torx screwdriver set, seven-piece hex key set, 35-piece quarter-inch socket set, 19-piece three-eighth-inch socket set and a five-piece ratchet handle set.

Clarke six-tonne axle stands

Clarke Axle Stands

How much: £29.99 (inc VAT)
Available from:

Clarke’s new set of two axle stands can hold a combined load of six tonnes. Made of welded steel for maximum strength and safety, these useful tools are ideal for a wide range of automotive work. The stands have five lockable height positions, ranging from 333mm to 500mm, with a secure pin and chain load support. A U-shaped saddle is also featured, allowing for even load distribution.

Laser Tools safety locking wire

Laser Tools Locking Wire

How much: £12.50 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This locking wire from Laser Tools is ideal for securing components in motor racing, high performance and classic cars. It acts as a positive locking device by preventing fasteners from loosening as a result of vibration. The wire can be threaded through a drilled hole, anchored and then twisted. It really comes in handy when dealing with important areas such as suspension and brakes.

Laser Tools cable cutter and crimper

Laser Tools Cable Cutter

How much: £26.83 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This cable cutter, crimper and stripper from Laser Tools has a blade made from stainless steel. It features a dual notch for cutting up to 70mm2 cable. The handle is made from fibreglass-reinforced nylon and TPV.

Clarke Jetstar and Jet pressure washers

Clarke Pressure Washer

How much: £71.98, £107.98, £149.99, £179.98 and £215.98 (all inc VAT)
Available from:

Clarke has released a new range of Jetstar and Jet pressure washers with varying levels of power. The Jetstar 1850 and 1950 have 1,400W and 1,600W respectively and are suitable for standard car cleaning. Meanwhile, the Jet 7500, 8500 and 9500 have 1,600W, 2,100W and 2,400W respectively, meaning they are capable of being used in a more heavy-duty environment.

Clarke industrial air compressor

Clarke Industrial Air Compressor

How much: £838.80 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This Clarke industrial air compressor is highly mobile, as it has been designed for use in areas without mains electricity. It has a 5.5bhp Honda engine and a 50-litre air receiver tank. The compressor pump is made from high-quality cast iron, while the compressed air output is controlled by an outlet regulator, ensuring clean air is provided at the desired pressure and volume.

Laser Tools Alldrive ratchet T-handle set

Laser Tools Alldrive Ratchet

How much: £48.46 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Laser Tools Alldrive ratchet T-handle set is perfect for retrieving fixings from the deepest parts of an engine bay. The tapered profile sockets design can remove and tighten metric, AF, Spline, Star and BA fasteners and is especially useful on older cars. The set comes with a one-quarter-inch T-handle driver with an 80-tooth ratchet and a spinner sleeve. Ten Alldrive sockets are included in sizes ranging from 4mm to 13mm.

Laser Tools vibration damper holding tool

Laser Tools Vibration Damper Holder

How much: £300.72 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Laser Tools vibration damper holder is a must-have bit of kit for maintaining engine timing when removing the front vibration damper. It needs to be used whenever the vibration damper is removed – for example, when the front crankshaft oil seal is being replaced.

Teng 1,001-Piece Mega Master tool kit

Teng 1001-Piece Tool Kit

How much: £3,999.98 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The most complete tool kit in the Teng range, this 1,001-piece set uses the Teng Tools TT tray system and comes with a massive selection of tools for a wide variety of purposes. The stack system is mounted on a ball-bearing cabinet combination. A personalised top box can be added to your order, too, for no extra cost.

SIP heavy-duty generator

SIP Generator

How much: £1,139.99 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This heavy-duty generator from SIP will come to your rescue when your other sources of power are limited. The robust and potent unit produces 180 amps at a 60 per cent duty cycle. It has a 15bhp petrol engine and a fuel tank capacity of 25 litres. The device is portable, with mounted wheels and folding handles.

Laser Tools PSA fuel pump sprocket aligning tool

Laser Tools PSA Fuel Pump Aligner

How much: £15.79 (inc VAT)
Available from:

This high-pressure fuel pump aligner from Laser Tools is designed for use on Citroen and Peugeot 1.6-litre diesel engines from 2014 onwards. It’s a single pin that has been shaped to align the car’s high-pressure fuel pump sprocket.

Laser Tools battery terminal crimping tool

Laser Tools Battery Crimper

How much: £242.33 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Laser Tools battery terminal crimper is a non-insulated handheld tool, suitable for non-heavy-duty work. It measures 670mm in length and weighs 4kg, with a capacity of 10mm2 to 150mm2.

Laser Tools safety lanyard

Laser Tools Safety Lanyard

How much: £15.24 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Laser Tools safety lanyard clips on to a belt or wrist and can securely hold a tool while still stretching enough to allow unrestricted use. This makes it perfect for use on production lines, working at height, machine assembly and maintenance. The lanyard reduces the risk of damage and accidents in the workplace. It has a capacity of 4.5kg and extends to 120cm.

Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control pressure washer

Karcher Premium Full Control

How much: £169.99 (inc VAT)
Available from:

The Kärcher K2 Premium Full Control is an amalgamation of lightweight construction, allowing for maximum portability, and high power. It has a simple quick connection, space for on-board accessory storage and Full Control lances with integrated settings guides.

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