Two new garages join the growing Carbon Clean network

Two new garages join the growing Carbon Clean network

THE growing network of Carbon Clean centres has welcomed two new members.

Needham Analysis in Stanton, Suffolk, joined on August 9, while James Jackson’s Central Garage in Fleetwood, Lancashire, joined on July 31.

Carbon Clean is a clever engine decarbonising system that works with tap water and both businesses will deliver the 30-minute treatments to tackle carbon deposits.

Accumulated carbon deposits in engines are associated with a range of problems such as loss of power, increased fuel consumption, noise, vibration and premature wear of engine parts – all of which Carbon Clean can effectively alleviate.

Instead of introducing harsh chemicals or expensive additives, Carbon Clean machines use electrolysis to produce a highly charged oxyhydrogen (HHO) gas mixture. This is delivered into the engine through the air filter to clean the internal surfaces by enabling both improved combustion and through the catalytic benefits of hydrogen in breaking down the deposits.

The machines that deliver the treatment are fully automated so technicians can work on the vehicle whilst the process is running.

Needham Analysis is run by Suffolk-based entrepreneur Roy Baker who offers remapping and tuning services within a portfolio of businesses.

‘We’re delighted to welcome Carbon Clean Centre Stanton,’ said Chris Phipps, national sales manager. ‘Roy quickly recognised the benefits of starting with a clean engine before offering performance upgrades.

‘He’d looked at a range of units but was impressed with the speed, power and simplicity of our CC-16 machine.

‘Carbon Clean Centre Fleetwood were also actively researching engine cleaning services after managing director James Jackson had been impressed with results following treatment of a company van.’

Both Carbon Clean Centres will gain access to a comprehensive business package that combines equipment, training and technical support.

A heavy-weight marketing pack includes service folders, under-bonnet stickers, branded clothing, window stickers, reception posters and a dedicated Facebook page too.

Main picture: The Carbon Clean process under way at James Jackson’s Central Garage in Fleetwood, Lancashire

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