Workshops urged to review website content as voice searches surge

Workshops urged to review website content as voice searches surge

WORKSHOPS are being told to ensure their website content is of top quality to make the most of the rise in voice searches.

Dealer management systems, websites and mobile apps business Dragon2000 said that today virtually all smartphones and tablets offered voice recognition, which was driving a surge in consumers using their voice to search the web on a daily basis.

It added that cross-platform media measurement and analytics firm Comscore has predicted that 50 per cent of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 and Cortana now has 133 million monthly users according to Microsoft/Tech Radar.

Mark Kelland, commercial manager at Dragon2000, said: ‘Voice search is changing the way users interact with their devices. Garages and workshops need to ensure they have quality content on their websites so that consumers are more likely to find them when they embark on a search, whether by voice or by typing into a search engine.

‘While consumers might type in two or three keywords into a search engine, when doing a voice search via Siri or Google Voice, etc, they would tend to speak in complete sentences and talk to the search engine the same way they would speak to a person.

‘To make website content voice-search-friendly, garages and workshops should include content that is made up of engaging, readable sentences that are relevant for their business, rather than just lists of keywords.

‘As the majority of voice searches will be coming from a mobile device, having a website that is mobile-responsive is vital so that they scale to any device and are user-friendly. The web landscape is constantly evolving and garages and workshops need to ensure that their presence online maximises their potential for inquiries and bookings.’

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