Industry Insights teams up with charity to tackle skills shortage in repair sector

Industry Insights teams up with charity to tackle skills shortage in repair sector

MOTOR claims consultant Industry Insights has pledged its support to address the repair sector’s skill shortage in a new partnership with the vehicle repair industry charity AutoRaise.

Industry Insights – the team behind Connected Solutions – said it was looking forward to working closely with AutoRaise as it was ‘passionate about the future of the industry and dedicated to supporting those who take a similar, pioneering approach to creating innovative solutions’.

Steve Thompson, pictured, the managing director of Industry Insights, said: ‘It is important to our team that Industry Insights supports our sector at every level, and the recruitment of apprentices into our industry is critical to our sustainability.

‘I have massive respect for what AutoRaise chief executive Bob Linwood, the trustees and partners are achieving, and via our propositions and connections we are hopeful we can add some further support.’

The Porsche 928 used in the charity rally

The Porsche 928 used in the charity rally

In May this year, the Industry Insights team – aka the Porsche Budgeteers – completed some 800 miles in a £999 1984 Porsche 928 in partnership with AutoRaise for the REAL Rally in aid of a children’s charity. The three-day rally started in Essex and took in Belgium and France before heading home.

Thanks to the support of their Connected Solutions partners, industry colleagues and family and friends, the team raised a record-breaking £6,250 for AutoRaise – smashing their £5,000 target and making them the most successful REAL Rally fundraising team to date.

Linwood said: ‘We are truly delighted to welcome Industry Insights as a key partner to the AutoRaise charity. Outside of the fundraising activity, where they went above and beyond, Steve and his team have consistently shown a desire and commitment to work together with us for the common good of addressing the industry’s shortage of young talent.’

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