Pagid implements higher safety standard across all brake discs

Pagid implements higher safety standard across all brake discs

PAGID has implemented a higher safety standard across all of its brake discs.

The subsidiary of TMD Friction is now ensuring that all discs it offers for passenger car models meet ECE R90 standards, going above legal requirements.

The R90 specification applies to all brake discs manufactured after November 2016. An independent body measures geometric parameters, chemical composition, design, microstructure, mechanical properties and key dimensions on all discs in both lab and real-world conditions.

In addition to this, Pagid tests all of its brake discs extensively during development and before release. The company said it believed this would give motorists some extra peace of mind.

Phil Woodcock, key account manager at Pagid, said: ‘As the number-one braking brand in the UK, we are very happy to go above and beyond the legislation with the Pagid brake disc range.

‘The R90 rule set is designed to increase safety, making it more difficult for low-quality counterfeit braking products to make their way on to the roads.

‘By offering Pagid brake discs for older vehicles that are R90-compliant, alongside our existing range of R90-approved brake pads and shoes, we hope to reassure customers that when they purchase Pagid, they are fitting a quality product that provides optimum fitment and performance.’

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