Garage owner ordered to pay nearly £2,000 for pouring engine oil down drain

Garage owner ordered to pay nearly £2,000 for pouring engine oil down drain

A GARAGE owner from Coventry has been ordered to pay nearly £2,000 after being found guilty of inappropriately disposing of waste engine oil by pouring it down the drain.

Waseem Hussein, of Nunts Park Avenue, Holbrooks, appeared in Coventry Magistrates Court on November 1, charged with breaching Section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and Section 108 of the Environment Act 1995.

The 29-year-old owns Cab Repair, pictured, on Paynes Lane, Hillfields, where, on two occasions, he got rid of waste engine oil by pouring it into storm drains, risking polluting rivers and harming wildlife.

During the prosecution, Coventry City Council officers asked Hussein to provide any and all documentation of waste disposal at his business, but he was unable to comply. The Council accused him of ‘wilfully obstructing’ their investigation.

Magistrates found Hussein guilty and handed him a total fine of £1,104 – £552 per offence – plus £750 costs and a victim surcharge of £50. This amounted to a total payout of £1,904.

Cllrs Jim O’Boyle, David Welsh and Naaem Akhtar, ward councillors for St Michael’s where the offences took place, issued a joint statement, saying: ‘We’d like to congratulate the hard work of the council officers who gathered the evidence required to prosecute Mr Hussein for his careless disregard of our local environment and the effects of his actions.

‘This kind of behaviour is not just irresponsible, it is criminal, as his prosecution shows – and as a Council we will always prosecute.

‘We rely on the vigilance of members of the public, so if you see something that you know isn’t right, please do report it. We take allegations seriously and will investigate.’

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