Richard finds new direction in auto industry after career as RAF technician

Richard finds new direction in auto industry after career as RAF technician

EX-SERVICEMAN Richard Bolton is starting a new career in the retail motor sector, thanks to an innovative partnership between the armed forces and Jardine Motors Group.

The two organisations have teamed up to give work to personnel who want to offer their skills to UK employers after leaving the military.

He is benefiting from the Ministry of Defence’s Career Transition Partnership and has joined Jardine’s Audi dealership in Warrington as a technician, along with former Royal Engineers mechanical fitter Dominic Sherwin, who is now part of Jardine’s Liverpool Audi dealership.

With seven years’ military experience as a technician for the RAF in the UK, Malaysia, Oman and the Falkland Islands, Bolton is now applying his engineering skills to the Audi cars for which he’s responsible.

‘I am delighted to have joined the Jardine Motors Group Audi dealership in Warrington and hope to utilise the engineering knowledge and skills acquired working in the RAF and apply these to the private sector,’ he said.

‘I’m grateful that the innovative partnership has created this very exciting opportunity for me as I look to develop my career.

‘Jardine’s values matched up with my own and were exactly what I was looking for in an employer.’

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