Don’t forget the rear wiper blades, Trico tells technicians

Don’t forget the rear wiper blades, Trico tells technicians

TECHNICIANS should always be checking the rear wiper blade as well as the front ones as it’s a great upsell opportunity – and a way of ensuring the motorist has proper visibility all around them.

That’s the advice from Trico, the global leader in windscreen wiper technology.

Rear integral blades should be changed just as often as the front wipers, although most drivers only change their rear blade once every five years or so.

Highlighting this is a great opportunity to help your customers and win their loyalty, says Trico.

Trico’s rear blade programme now contains 48 blades supported by a dedicated rear blade-only catalogue and supplied as part of the Trico Exact Fit programme. A yellow flash on the packaging helps easily identify rear-screen blades.

Trico also provides unique connectors that cover up to two different arm types with the same connector.

Trico product and brand manager Sam Robinson said: ‘The range of speciality blades are specifically designed for Exact Fit rear screen applications. These blade types cannot be serviced with a standard conventional wiper blade and instead have various connection styles and blade types (plastic, beam or metal).

‘The process of changing a rear windshield wiper blade should be repeated annually along with replacing the front windshield wiper blades. If they are not replaced, they may fall off during use and scratch the entire windshield or not adequately clear the glass of obstructions.

‘This provides another opportunity for garages to increase profit as there is an increasing number of vehicles with unique rear wiper blade designs. Although many of these blades look similar, they’re specially developed and unique in fitment. The Trico Exact Fit rear blade programme is comprehensive in coverage to accommodate the wide variety of applications.’

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