New regulations ‘will mean increased sales of braking products’

New regulations ‘will mean increased sales of braking products’

NEW REGULATIONS for brake parts will mean increased sales for these products, according to a leading braking system supplier.

The implementation of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) Regulation 90 means that all brake discs, pads and drums are subject to approval. Quinton Hazell says that as a supplier it’s fully committed to the new rules.

Julie Boardman, braking expert at Quinton Hazell, said: ‘There will be a growth for brake pads and discs due to stringent safety regulations concerning stopping distances, growing vehicle production and the extended life of modern vehicles.

‘Also, the increase in light commercial vehicles and SUVs and the increase in vehicle weight puts additional pressures on the braking systems.’

Quinton Hazell offers a premium braking range as it continuously improves safety and performance, so that garages and workshops can have complete confidence in what they’re fitting to customers’ cars.

The supplier also offers a range of brake cleaners to be used when parts are being changed, making the process easier, as well as a two-year or 25,000-mile warranty.

Quinton Hazell has introduced more than 100 new braking parts into its range to give workshops more choice in the face of these new regulations.

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