Yorkshire garage visited by Paul Gascoigne and his mid-sized Audi

Yorkshire garage visited by Paul Gascoigne and his mid-sized Audi

A LEEDS garage was paid a visit by Football legend Paul Gascoigne, who came to meet the staff after they worked on his car. 

The Auto Performance Centre, on Elland Road, Leeds, was visited by the star, who made 57 appearances for England during his career, and fitted new brakes and tyres to his Audi A3.

Garage owner Ersilan Hussain told the Yorkshire Evening Post: ‘He was just passing by and he popped in.

Hussain, 28, didn’t recognise Gascoigne at first: ‘I didn’t actually realise it was Paul Gascoigne. Then, as he was leaving, one of the older lads at the garage said ‘that was Gazza!’. He said he normally gets recognised as a celebrity.’

When his employees told Hussain who the customer was, he went out to ask the former Newcastle, Everton and Tottenham midfielder if he could come back in to meet the team. Unfortunately, Gascoigne needed to leave.

However, the next day, he returned purely to greet the staff. Hussain continued: ‘He came in for about two hours and took pictures and told us some stories about his life. He said ‘you didn’t recognise me but you treated me well’, that’s why he came back.’

Gascoigne even recorded a short video clip outside the garage, saying: ‘I’m just outside Auto Performance Centre. [They’re] doing a great job on my car. So when your car’s done, come to these and they’ll get it done in no time.’

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