Women are under-represented in the motor industry, according to the IMI

Women are under-represented in the motor industry, according to the IMI

MEN outnumber women in the motor industry by a ratio of 10:2, according to research by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

The data shows that despite being likely to be involved in big financial decisions, such as purchasing a car or a house, women are severely underrepresented in the motor industry, with a mere 19 per cent of the national workforce and two per cent of automotive apprentices being female.

The IMI has called on all businesses in the automotive sector to ‘stamp out any bias towards men by addressing the gender stereotypes’ within their workplaces, with the belief that firms that do so will gain a competitive advantage.

Lesley Woolley, chief operating officer of the IMI, said: ‘Currently, we have very few women working in our industry. However, a number of organisations within the sector have evolved to place more strong and empowering females in senior management roles.

‘The IMI is an example of an organisation that has a positive gender diversity at all levels. We currently operate with a 70 per cent female to male split, and we believe it’s important that other businesses in our sector recognise the value of creating a competitive advantage by embracing diversity.

‘More women should look at the retail motor industry as a place where they can create a legacy.’

Karen Hilton, head of sales operations at Carwow, said: ‘This is a really exciting time for the sector. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years now, and I’m delighted to see more women making their mark and, most importantly, being encouraged to do so.

‘Carwow is a proud member of the ‘30 per cent club’ which is something we should shout about. It’s so rare that a business that combines two traditionally male-dominated industries – technology and automotive – should be able to lead the charge on making both sectors more accessible for female colleagues.

‘At Carwow, we have a female founder and a number of inspiring women who make up our senior management team. This isn’t because they’re women, it’s because they’re great at what they do and that’s what I’m excited to see more of – women, passionate about their industry and empowered to do influential work.’

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