Allianz Partners and IVR collaborate to offer electrified vehicle repair training

Allianz Partners and IVR collaborate to offer electrified vehicle repair training

ALLIANZ Partners and the Institute of Vehicle Recovery (IVR) are collaborating to offer training in how to repair electrified vehicles.

The scheme is aimed at mechanics working in the independent vehicle recovery sector and will cover electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

Allianz Partners will fully fund the education programme, which will see six courses run throughout the year, each of which will be attended by 12 delegates.

The goal is to set a higher standard for vehicle recovery workers who are frequently called out to rescue electrified vehicles.

Each course will cover a range of topics, such as the history of electrified vehicles, how they work, how to identify and differentiate between EVs, hybrids and PHEVs, and what the potential hazards are in working with them. Attendees will also learn how to keep themselves safe at the scene of a damaged or disabled car.

The courses will be offered free-of-charge to all independent vehicle recovery operators in the Allianz Partners network, but attendees will be required to pay a certification fee should they want to receive the IVR VR27 module accreditation.

Mark Debenham, network manager for Allianz Partners UK and Ireland, commented: ‘The latest SMMT figures show that the UK saw a 34.8 per cent increase in electric and hybrid vehicle registrations in 2017.

‘We are responding to the rapid growth of this market, working with the IVR to deliver first class training for the independent recovery operator sector – raising standards and meeting industry demand.’

Chris Hoare, chairman of the IVR, added: ‘This course will provide attendees with a basic, but much needed, overview of EV and hybrid vehicles, and the associated health and safety requirements, as it affects them and anyone else at the scene of a breakdown and repatriation.

‘Anyone completing the course successfully has the option of IVR VR27 module certification, providing them with the knowledge they need to comply with the latest EV and hybrid vehicle legislation, and the confidence to deal with breakdowns and recoveries, as more and more of these vehicle travel along UK roads.’

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