Epyx launches pay-as-you-go servicing tool for leased cars

Epyx launches pay-as-you-go servicing tool for leased cars

EPYX has launched a servicing product for leased vehicles that uses a pay-as-you-go model.

Customers will be able to manage their servicing through Epyx’s 1link Vehicle Network portal, which connects the UK’s largest network of repairers. In addition, pre-agreed labour rates and parts discounts will be negotiable between leasing companies and the garage network.

Epyx commercial director Tim Meadows said: ‘Some leasing companies see up to a third of their vehicles leased without maintenance, with the trend seemingly increasing.

‘By offering a maintenance solution for these clients, leasing companies will be able to give control to the customers and build an ongoing relationship.

‘Importantly, as well as accessing a new revenue stream, the new product provides a greater opportunity to retain these customers at end of contract while protecting the vehicle residual value.’

According to Epyx, adoption of this platform will be particularly easy for clients already familiar with 1link, and will provide a new revenue stream for leasing companies.

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