Ex-Wheeler Dealers presenter Edd China launches new Garage Revival show on YouTube

Ex-Wheeler Dealers presenter Edd China launches new Garage Revival show on YouTube

MECHANIC and TV presenter Edd China has launched a new show on YouTube called Garage Revival.

The premise of the programme is China, who used to co-host Wheeler Dealers, visits car owners around the world who have started big restoration projects that they are unable to complete.

China helps these distressed gearheads by giving them a hand with their projects and putting their cars back on the road.

In the first episode, which went live yesterday, China travels to a town in Norway called Trøgstad. There, he meets Stian Jørgensen – a Volkswagen enthusiast who wants help modifying a Golf GTI Mk1 so that it could legally be driven on Norwegian roads, hinging around the fact that the country’s laws often require power modifications to be accompanied by improvements to the brakes and other safety features.

Viewers get to see China making a number of changes to the iconic hot hatch, including swapping the engine, installing a windscreen, modifying the rear brake discs and refurbishing the wheels.

After all the hard work is complete, China and Jørgensen finally take the GTI out for a spin in the snow.

The first episode is a pilot, so the show will need to be picked up by a TV network before it can go anywhere, but that shouldn’t be a problem, as the viewer reaction in the YouTube comments section was overwhelmingly positive.

China originally became well-known as a mechanic and presenter for co-hosting hit show Wheeler Dealers alongside Mike Brewer. The mechanic left the programme in March last year and was replaced by Ant Anstead.

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