BMW M3 owner buys OEM clutch but gets F1 unit instead

BMW M3 owner buys OEM clutch but gets F1 unit instead

AN E46 BMW M3 owner got more than he bargained for when his replacement clutch turned out to be a unit more commonly used for Formula One cars.

M3 Forums member ‘Breadvan’ bought an OEM clutch from Sachs, via Amazon.

But when it arrived, the item looked markedly different from the one that was pictured. After some discussion on the forum, it was alleged that the part was a ZF Sachs RCS 115, a clutch specifically designed for use in Formula One cars.

The bespoke part weighs just 860g and is capable of handling up to 900Nm of torque at operating temperatures of up to 400°C.

The clutch isn’t publicly available, and only those who need to know have an idea of its price, although some have speculated that it could be more than £5,000. A LuK M3 clutch kit can be bought new for £330.

As it stands, the M3 Forums community is struggling to find a stance on the situation – some suggest that ‘Breadvan’ should sell it, while others believe it should be held on to as a memento.

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