Showa introduces biodegradable disposable safety glove

Showa introduces biodegradable disposable safety glove

SHOWA has introduced a new disposable safety glove that boasts biodegradable qualities as well as high visibility.

Using Showa’s Eco Best Technology (EBT), the 707HVO gloves blend single-use and chemical-resistance properties to deliver optimum fit, feel and comfort, as well as maximum protection from hazardous substances.

The 0.23mm-thick unsupported, unlined biodegradable nitrile is impermeable to oils, hydrocarbons, grease, chemicals and abrasions.

Measuring 305mm in length, the glove is chlorinated, so it can be taken on and off easily, while a rolled cuff prevents dirt from reaching the wearer’s skin.

Having been manufactured using a hand former, the gloves are designed to fit like a second skin. A bisque finish on the palm and fingers offers long-lasting grip and flexibility.

Gil LeVerne, marketing director at Showa, said: ‘The use of EBT in products helps preserve our planet without ever sacrificing performance. It accelerates each glove’s biodegradation process by up to 100 years, depending on the climate of the landfill.’

Brian Mosely, R&D manager at Showa, added: ‘EBT requires biologically active landfills for biodegradation, which means gloves with EBT cannot even begin to biodegrade prior to disposal. These abilities have been validated by independent certified laboratories using ASTM [American Section of the International Association for Testing Materials] international test methods.’

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