You have the power – it’s time to give us your honest opinions

You have the power – it’s time to give us your honest opinions

Can it really be two years since we launched the Workshop Magazine Power Awards? Yes it can – and here we go again! We need your help to discover the suppliers that do their best for you (and identify those that don’t). So don’t be shy – get involved and tell us what you think!

Check out the happy people in the picture above! They all represent companies and organisations that were successful in last year’s Workshop Magazine Power Awards – the second annual event of its type.

Once again, it was a fantastic occasion, during which the most highly regarded suppliers to the service and repair sector were rewarded for their efforts. And our trophy winners had good reason to look happy as they picked up their awards.

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Their customers, the readers of Workshop Magazine, decided who took home the gongs – and there’s nothing better than praise from the people with whom you do business.
Once again for 2018, we’re asking the readers of this magnificent magazine to get involved in Workshop Power.

Over the next two pages, you’ll see questions about suppliers in categories ranging from motor factors large and small to garage cleaning product suppliers.

All we ask is that you give us your honest views on the companies you use.

We want to know which suppliers are the best and how good they are at helping you out (even when the going gets tough), which parts and equipment you use, whom you go to for advice and who enhances your presence on the internet.

It’s all done in confidence, and using the website is the easiest way to complete it.

Once we’ve received your answers, they’ll be fed into our Workshop super-computer (the brains behind the magazine) and we’ll then be able to pull together all the data we need from the anonymous opinions.

By the end of the process, we’ll have an accurate idea about the suppliers that are at the top of their game, those that are simply average, and those that are, well, not so hot. We’ll be sharing our findings to make sure your opinions are heard, so it’s highly likely that suppliers will make changes to the way they work with their customers based on the feedback we give them.

Can I say what I really think?

Absolutely. The whole reason behind the Workshop Power Awards is to allow the industry to be entirely forthright, whether that’s praising suppliers to the skies or hanging them out to dry. As mentioned earlier, the survey is completely anonymous.

We’ll be telling the suppliers and agencies what we found out but not who told us, so you can speak your mind fearlessly.

And again, we’ll hold a glitzy award night to celebrate their achievements, which this year will take place on Tuesday, October 16 at the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

So, how do I take part?

That’s really easy. You can either fill in the survey on the following pages and post it to us using our address on page three, or if you don’t want to rip up this gorgeously glossy magazine, you can go to to fill in the questionnaire online. Nominations close on August 31, 2018.

So, please spare a few minutes to complete the form – either in this magazine or online.

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