Salvage yard flies the England flag for patriotic airline passengers

Salvage yard flies the England flag for patriotic airline passengers

THOUSANDS of airline passengers making their descent into Manchester and Liverpool airports are being put in the mood for an England victory against Croatia tonight by a giant St George’s flag made out of old bangers.

Workers at Hills Salvage and Recycling in Skelmersdale near Wigan saw the opportunity to entertain airborne countrymen and women by creating a huge flag from red and white cars lined up in its giant yard.

The flag took three hours to construct with the help of forklift trucks and comprises 112 white vehicles and 64 red ones – with a Porsche Boxster being the most expensive car called into service.

Boss Ian Hill said: ‘Sitting between Liverpool and Manchester it’s fair to say my staff are football mad. We’ve got sweepstakes galore in here and the people holding the England tickets are suddenly feeling a lot more confident.

‘We wanted to show the lads that we’re right behind them and that we believe they can go all the way.’

Hills’ yard holds more than 4,000 vehicles, making it one of the largest vehicle scrapping and recycling businesses in the UK. It has become the largest retailer of car parts on eBay, breaking down vehicles for spares that are snapped up to the tune of almost a million pounds a month.

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