One millionth Nissan Juke rolls off Sunderland production line

One millionth Nissan Juke rolls off Sunderland production line

THE one millionth Nissan Juke has been produced at the company’s manufacturing site in Sunderland.

The compact crossover has proved immensely popular, and demand remains strong eight years after the car’s launch.

On average, a new Juke rolls off the Sunderland production line every 105 seconds.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, senior vice-president of manufacturing, supply chain management and purchasing for Nissan Europe, said: ‘Reaching the one million milestone is a fantastic achievement for any model.

‘Eight years ago, we had never seen anything like the Juke before – it created an entirely new segment and brought a distinctive never-seen-before look to the market. Fast-forward to today and we have one million customers and Juke remains the segment leader.

‘It’s terrific to see that the 2018 model, with all its improvements and personalisation options, is as popular as the version that rolled off the line for the first time in 2010.’

The Nissan Juke was the second crossover to be built at the Sunderland plant following the Qashqai, and statistics show that during its lifetime black has been the most popular exterior colour option.

A multitude of customisation choices means more than 23,000 Juke possibilities are available for European customers.

In total, 95,000 Jukes were sold across the continent in 2017, while an update was introduced recently to help keep the crossover current.

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